Bridging La Frontera – Welcoming El Paso authors to the Big Bend area
Sponsored by Friends of the Jeff Davis County Library
Made possible by a grant from Humanities Texas

Robert Seltzer is a native of El Paso, TX. He earned a journalism degree from UTEP and worked for newspapers such as the Houston Chronical, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the San Antonio-Express-News, where he is currently the public editor. He has won state and national awards for his news, feature, and sports reporting.

In Amado Muro and Me, ten-year-old Robert Seltzer discovers that his father, Chester, actually leads two lives – one as a newspaperman and father who somehow always knows what his son is thinking; the other as Amado Muro, a passionate and gifted writer whose pseudonym is adopted from the name of his Mexican immigrant wife. Chester was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but in Amado Muro’s stories, he channels an intense love of Mexican culture to create deep, strong roots in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Thursday, Jan 19, 2017
Private reception with the author for FJDCL members at 6 pm in the Hotel Limpia.
Free public discussion and book-signing at 7 pm at the library.