As the community says goodbye to retiring County Librarian Toi Fisher, the Friends of the Jeff Davis County Library wish her well and thank her for her service in building the library we have today.

We also want to let the community know that we will be fully assisting the interim librarian with volunteer staffing to keep the library staffed as many full days as possible until some permanent choices are made. We are working closely with the County and the existing staff as we move forward with this fresh start.

Many exciting changes are coming in the way of programs, activities, events, and new offerings. Everyone’s support is appreciated during the transition and suggestions are more than welcome for the future of this heart of the community! You can contact us at

In the meantime, let’s celebrate FJDCL’s 14 years of service to the Ft. Davis and Valentine libraries, the Ft. Davis After School Program, and our entire community!
Major Expenditures – Friends of the JDCL